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Though I have been in the field of metaphysics for some time, I never stopped learning from my teachers and keep seeking the answers. There is a Chinese saying that goes 师父引进门,修行在各人. I loved to joke with my friends that I have an expensive hobby that I love to keep for the lifetime. This hobby allows me to meet many interesting people and gain many insights on the topic of life.

For lovers of metaphysics, I would always say this. Be intrigued but do not be obsessed. I have met some acquaintances who are too “into” the subject wrongly that they are stuck in a rut. Just because some fortune tellers tell them you are undergoing a bad 10 year luck pillar, they justify all their unluckiness to what these fortune tellers say and furthermore confirmed their bad luck by doing nothing and just blaming. Afterall they are undergoing a bad luck cycle and nothing they do goes well, so why bother? Now if you look at it objectively, you will realize that during a bad luck cycle you do get more challenges, but that doesn’t mean you cannot close any deals, you cannot meet good people, etc. It is very irresponsible to say that a 10 year bad luck pillar will get you nowhere. You should question the fortune teller in what sense do you mean bad? If it means relationship is bad ( you may be getting a divorce), is it something that has been hanging in the air for some time? Can you stop it from coming? I always joked to some female clients who are worried about their husbands’ fidelity. If you are the biggest “vixen” which other ladies are capable of even stepping in to destroy your relationship?

I get frustrated when people come to me and say “My bazi is bad. That is why I m so unlucky”. I correct them saying your Bazi is not bad, it is your attitude and mindset that is bad and making you unlucky. Let’s face it. If you say a Millionaire bazi is good, then for those who know a bit of metaphysics know that in a 2 hours period, there are thousands of babies being born in this world. So why is it he can be a millionaire but you are stuck in a meaningless low paying job? There are many factors we have to look into. First what kind of environment you are born into? Are you born in a supportive environment? Does your parents allow you to do what your talents lie in? And ultimately are you ready for all the challenges that are about to come? As I said previously, if you know what is going to come, can you prevent it? We cannot stop what life throws at us (maybe) but we can change the way we react to things. Trust me, I have seen many charts which do not turn out the way it was initially written as the people (yes you!) made an conscientious effort. And I applaud them for it.

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