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Breaking The Code

I need to apologize from my hiatus from writing this blog as I am busy tying up the knots in my daily affairs to prepare for my upcoming spiritual trip to Peru. Will share with all my readers more on my Peru trip once I come back. So back to the topic of “Breaking of...

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What Happens During A Consultation

When clients consult my services, I tend to be straightforward in my analysis and will give the client the bare truth. Of course, I will adjust my tone depending on the client I am consulting. I prefer to treat my role as a “counsellor” rather than a Feng Shui master....

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Does Feng Shui Ornaments Really Work?

When some of my acquaintances spend lots of money buying Feng Shui ornaments, I will just say as long as it makes you happy, you can afford it and you find that it works, well I have nothing to comment. Basically, if you read my blog, you will know I am not a strong...

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