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I need to apologize from my hiatus from writing this blog as I am busy tying up the knots in my daily affairs to prepare for my upcoming spiritual trip to Peru. Will share with all my readers more on my Peru trip once I come back.

So back to the topic of “Breaking of the Code”, what does it really mean? When in Bazi reading, many fortune tellers will say some inborn characteristics of you, give you a brief breakdown of your past life, and the possible future events happening. I had one client feedback to me that her so and so fortune teller who she has consulted for many years is very accurate, that all the things he predicted was accurate and really happened. Why did she say he is accurate? Because, if the fortune teller told her that she will get rich in 2015 when she first consulted him in 2011, the fortune teller will tell her that same thing in 2012 and yes, if she waits till 2015, the event should happen.

My question was if this fortune teller has accurately predicted this, then similarly all the bad things should also happen. Then if so, what is the point of seeing a fortune teller in the first place? No offence to all the masters out there, I am also learning and upgrading myself every single day. Our duty is to help clients. The best is let all the good things happen earlier and faster and try to omit if not, minimize the negative events. So in actual theory you want a fortune teller who can tell you the past accurately but not your “future”. You want to be able to change your future for the better! If not, why bother seeing one? And if he is so accurate why do you need to approach another fortune teller? (Though I prefer to call myself a consultant)

I always hold on to the belief that Bazi system is to help us identify our strengths and weaknesses, in other words, to be self-aware, so that we can become a better and greater person. Work on our strengths and play down or improve our weaknesses. The change of the person itself is more empowering than buying some decorate ornaments. However, in order to do that, you need an open mind during consultation. No one loves to hear the harsh truth but if you can accept that you are for example bad-tempered, then you know as long as you learn to tone down your temper, you are more able to get messages across to people without offending them. Also, if you make a conscious effort to change, you definitely will be able to alter your destiny. This is something I learnt while reading the chronicles of Liao Fan.

Learn to listen, accept and then change. That is if you want to get the most out of a Bazi consultation. However, if you are opinionated then you are better off analyzing your own chart or avoid fortune telling as no positive effects would be derived from the consultation.

If you like to make a positive change to your life, feel free to book an appointment with me for a consultation.