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When some of my acquaintances spend lots of money buying Feng Shui ornaments, I will just say as long as it makes you happy, you can afford it and you find that it works, well I have nothing to comment. Basically, if you read my blog, you will know I am not a strong believer of Feng Shui ornaments. Having said this, some people will definitely vehemently refute my words. Well, Classical Feng Shui is all about allowing the flow of energy “Qi” into the house. It just means finding the best tapping point of energy and allow it to flow preferably to the path you want.

Then why do some people insist that buying the products help? Well, it can be categorized as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you buy something that costs a lot, you tend to believe in its powers. In my own opinion, you can always find a cheaper alternative if you are those who need an object to reassure you that the Feng Shui is really working for you.

And while Feng Shui helps to enhance the opportunities that may be coming, if you are lazy you will also not reap any results. Life is always a combination of Man, Earth and Heaven Luck. Although Heaven Luck is predetermined, we can always work hard at the Man and Earth Luck to bring us the optimum results we want in our life.