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There is a general misconception about Fengshui that all you need to do is just place some glamourous Fengshui display ornaments and then you will have all your wishes come true.

This is absolutely inaccurate. Think about it again. If having all those ornaments will enhance your wealth or relationship luck, the first person to get all these benefits would be the sales assistant who is attending to the shop day in and out. However we all know that this is not true.

You may claim to me that you have bought a Fengshui ornament before and it works perfectly for you. There is an explanation for this. This display ornament has shifted or “triggered” the energy field in that area hence you got what you asked for. Will it work the same if other things were placed in that same area and same time that you was told to do so. Most probably yes.

Now you will be asking me so what is the most important factor when it comes to Fengshui? I will say first and foremost, the external surroundings. The landform and flow of energy where your house sits on will determine at least 70% of whether this house benefits you or puts you in a worse situation. You may have people telling you not to worry and that your Fengshui master would fix up any issues when you bought a new house. I would advise you not to do that. Get a house where the external environment supports you in the first place than to fix up the house to overcome the problems that the new house brings about. Hence you should always first consult a fengshui master before deciding whether or not to purchase the house. We can do our best to usher in good energy and avert some of the issues that come along with your purchase but if the external environment is very bad, for example you have a lot of “sha qi” attacking the house you stayed, the solution for aversion cannot be wholesome. We can only use certain methods but the fact remains that we cannot do anything to destroy the building which is causing the “sha qi”.

When you buy a good house which sits on a good land, basically the rest is to usher in the good energy flow into your house and create the fengshui harmony inside for optimal effects. You may ask how fast can you see whether the fengshui works for you or not? If everything is in order, expect smooth sailing days within a month or two.

If you are staying in a house for some time and find that there are issues arising in your health or work ever since the move-in, you may want to consider to arrange for a house audit so that we can point out what are the issues caused by both external and internal environment and how to mediate the effects.

If you are looking for a house audit, do not hesitate to contact us through email dinongacademy@gmail.com or give us a call/text at (+65) 8893 3943 for more enquiries.