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The activation of my travelling horse. That explains why I am travelling a lot these days and I must apologize for my lack of blog updates. Procrastination at its best which is something we all have to overcome if you want to achieve anything. Well, as I am thinking of what to write, a client called me to do a cast for her whether she will successfully get through her interview to get her desired posting. This is a classic example where synchronicity in time and space plays an important part in the results. I use the timing she called me to do the divination cast. The cast seems quite positive overall as it shows support from authorities and that they felt she has the ability to perform well in her duties. The only obstacle is they may find her overqualified for the job. Moreover the cast foretells that she will be troubled if she gets selected. When I told my client about the cast, she mentioned that the judging panel did raise some points on her being overqualified for the posting and she definitely will be troubled as it is a challenging position. She was quite happy with the cast results. However, just when I put down the phone with her, my whole house blacked out and I suddenly got a series of prank calls which made me frustrated. I immediately called my client and told her to forget about the cast results I did for her. I doubt she will be getting the position. This is an outright signal from the universe. 1 month later she feedback to me that she did not get the position.