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feng-shui-chinese-metaphyiscs-350-263I have always been curious about Chinese Metaphysics since young. It started off with me accompanying my friends to a fortune teller to have our fortunes told. Since then, I went through many fortune telling sessions with various fortune tellers. I was unsatisfied with the passing of each session as most only touched on brief events of my past and did a general profiling for me. They were unable to provide me with that “thing” that I have been searching for. I thought a Bazi session should be to raise the awareness of my maximum potential as a person, how I can be better and perhaps offer me a solution. However, I noted most of the fortune tellers I went to were more of the New Age type. Their solutions are always to buy certain Feng Shui ornaments to better my luck. No offence to the people who are into such ornaments but it did not work for me at all. It just drained the money out of my wallet.

I decided to delve more into it. I bought books to read, but the contents of most books are still limited. I thought it was time to study under some masters. So I did. After earning a decent amount, I spent it studying under some masters. As I graduated I also took on consultations. Which led me to my company Realise Consultancy. Till now, I am still spending my time upgrading my skills. I still love to have my fortune told, sometimes for the fun of it, sometimes to check out whether I will be able to study under this master if I feel that his or her knowledge is something I can use to pass on to my clients.