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What Customers Say

“I would like to thank Ms Dino Ng for her professional advice. I was having bloated stomach and disturbing sleep which bother me for many years. Came to know about Yijing fengshui and decided to seek her help. She was very patient and took time to explain to me about the whole procedures. Took her advice to change the positioning of the furniture and also my air-con. The good thing was I do not need to buy anything from her. It was a tremendous improvement after an hour after repositioning of one of the cupboards in my room. My bloated stomach was gone. Repositioning of my bed helps me to sleep easier without waking up in the middle of the night. She helped my family and I am really grateful for all the things she did. I am still with her to do yearly bazi analysis as I feel her service is the best. Thank you for changing my life better and will definitely recommend to those who need help.”


“Did not know a house audit is done this way. Seems to feel better after the audit. Will definitely recommend to my friends.”


“Consultation was precise. No nonsense lady.”


“Super power! My house fengshui is done by her. I now consult Dino whenever I need advice on personal issues. I have also changed my handphone number after she accurately predicted some past events. Definitely a consultant that I will keep for life!”


“Dino has definitely enhanced our luck through her house audit! Things are looking better for us”


“Impressed by her consultation that I further referred my sister to her to do her house fengshui”


“A bit doubtful at first when I engaged her upon my friend’s recommendation. Especially when I saw her for the first time. I did not know that she is a female practitioner because of her name. She look so young to be doing this. But was glad I gave it a try! No regrets!”


”A totally different kind of house audit that I have seen. She even helped with the shifting of certain furniture in my house after her consultation.”


“Amazing prediction! Accurate!”