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We all know that land is getting scarce especially in my country where most people have turned to burning and placing their ashes in columbariums rather than choosing the traditional way of burying the coffin.

This new trend has also caused the hike in prices in columbariums where the most “accessible” urns command the best pricing.

A friend of mine told me that she had a talk with her children and to save the hassle requested the children to scatter her ashes into the sea when she passed away. The husband had also agreed to do the same.

I was horrified and stopped her. In Chinese, there is a saying “入土为安“ which the literal translation meant “peace in burial”. Looking at Yin Fengshui (Fengshui for the dead), the sites of ancestor tombs have to be chosen carefully so that the descendants will prosper in life. We have emperors and rich people buying land to place their ancestors’ tombs. This is a confirmation that Yin Fengshui works.

What happens when you scatter the ashes? The ashes do not get a “home” meaning the descendants will be subjected to a life of wandering. As the ashes flow away in different directions, it also signify unstability and confusion. The soaked ashes may even cause the descendants to have water related diseases such as rheumatism. You may not believe me but take a look at dramas and you should have noticed some poor people such as beggars in the show would cry and throw their parents’ ashes into the sea as they were too poor to even bury them.

There is too much at risk. If you do not have any children, perhaps the above method of scattering works well. However if you do, I highly recommend finding a good spot to bury your ancestors to the ground.

May all our ancestors keep us well and bless us in wherever they are!