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When clients consult my services, I tend to be straightforward in my analysis and will give the client the bare truth. Of course, I will adjust my tone depending on the client I am consulting. I prefer to treat my role as a “counsellor” rather than a Feng Shui master. I am here to give practical and decent analysis to your current situation not to sugar coat your destiny nor to avoid saying things which I feel you should know in order to improve your current situation.

For example, a particular client ask me when she can get married? The guys she dated before were not able to last till marriage. When I took a look at her chart, I realized that this lady has a fiery temper and would not hesitate to strike back in words violently if she does not see eye to eye with what is being discussed. Now, my advice to get was learn how to control your temper and always give the guy you are dating some “face”. And as your husband may tend to be slightly less capable than you, try to lower your expectations. However, the lady was offended and said that instead of telling her this, I should advise her what crystals to wear or what Feng Shui items to place at home to attract the right guy. Now, like I mentioned in my previous posts, some masters would recommend you buy all the items to attract love, etc but the fundamental issue is the lady has to change herself for the better. All the items may attract love but can they keep the love? That is something left for everyone to ponder.

A lot of clients ask me does Bazi reading work? It does, depending on how the Feng Shui consultant reading your case advises you and the proactive actions you take. I always believe it is the most difficult thing to change a person’s character, so if you are aware of your flaws and strengths, work on them and then you realize things will change for the better.

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